That’s right, I’m on holiday again, and aside from the 5000 word essay looming over me I’m feeling pre-e-e-tty chill. So, rather than get anything meaningful done, this weekend became an opportunity to do all those chores I didn’t know existed – cleaning the fridge, rearranging the living room and generally anything to create a cushion of productivity to shield me from actual work. I haven’t learned anything about planning across the primary key stages, but I have developed quite the archive of songs to do your chores to. If, like me, it requires a motivational tune for you to get even the most basic task done, read on.

Getting sh*t done for work: LunchMoney Lewis – Bills

There’s nothing like a song about money to remind you that you have none. This dude has such a cracking tune about it that it will trick you into thinking you’re enjoying work.

The Tesco shop: Galantis – Peanut Butter Jelly

What better song to do your food shop to than one whose video is set in a supermarket!? Possible risks include looking like a wally moving your trolley to the music and taking twice as long to get round all the aisles with all the front back and side stepping you’ll be doing. Worth it for the joy factor.

A job that needs to be done rapidly (such as cleaning the fridge): The Benny Hill Theme

Originally recommended to me to get my children to tidy up quickly (seriously, try it) – I’ve found the fast pace of this fun yet repetitive song works just as well on adults. You’ll be moving at twice the speed, having twice the laughs.

Revising: Magic – B.o.B.

Need a little ego boost to get you in the zone? Got no one to do that for you? Turn to B.o.B. and remind yourself that everything you need to achieve is right there inside. Disney may also help.

Completing a task that others think you can’t: The ‘I’ll show you how valuable Elle Woods can be’ montage from Legally Blonde.

Ah Elle – is there anything she can’t teach us about life? Her dedication to her studies when the frat boys are living it large outside makes me ashamed of my own paltry efforts to get on when the only thing outside my window is gravel. If you’re blonde, the analogy feels even stronger.

So there you have it, a failsafe playlist to get those Easter chores well on their way. Feel free to add any belters I’ve missed off in the comments. And when you’re finished? Reward yourself with this.


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